About DEKA
"A science is not completely known until one knows its history." Auguste Comte

Corporate Social Responsibility

DEKA’s humanitarian initiatives



DEKA has donated laser instrumentation and equipment to hospitals in Italy and abroad, including:
  • The Meyer Children’s Hospital, Florence, for treating burns;
  • Neonatology Department of the Careggi Hospital, Florence;
  • Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre, Regional Dermatology Training Centre, Moshi (Tanzania).

Through its donations and sponsorship DEKA supports numerous humanitarian associations including:

  • Cavallo Ambiente
  • Fondazione Tommasino Bacciotti
  • Medici Senza Frontiere
  • Misericordia
  • Organizzazione Umanitaria Bambini nel Deserto
  • Piccino Picciò Onlus Associazione Genitori Neonati a rischio
  • Semi per la SIDS
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