About DEKA
"A science is not completely known until one knows its history." Auguste Comte

The ten rules of excellence

When values become a universal code.


DEKA’s key values express the identity, principles and characteristics of a company that is unique world wide.

1. Know-how.
DEKA has contributed decisively to the construction of the paradigm of knowledge of laser technology: an aggregate of acquired know-how made available to the entire scientific community for accelerating the progress of mankind.

2. Scientific research.
DEKA’s researchers constantly take part in important national and international research projects, collaborating with world-renown centers and university departments.

3. Innovation.
Innovation to reduce treatments invasiveness: DEKA ensures safe and effective treatments for patients, with drastic reduction in recovery times.

4. People.
DEKA’s history is the history of great men, who have brought enormous benefits to the lives of patients and the work of doctors with their ideas.

5. Certification.
Through its clinical experimentation in Italy, Europe, USA, Latin America and Japan, DEKA documents and certifies the therapeutic effectiveness of its laser treatments.

6. Training.
Meetings, workshops and on-site services are simple and direct training tools that DEKA utilizes to divulge knowledge to doctors and business partners.

7. Ethics.
By adopting an ethical philosophy orientated towards the welfare of patients, DEKA designs its systems to ensure maximum treatment effectiveness.

8. Community.
DEKA is a genuine real and virtual community where knowledge is always shared and accessible.

9. Multiculturalism.
DEKA breaks down geographical and language barriers by using universal messages and codes.

10. Future.
From the perfecting of minimally invasive and non-pharmacological laser treatments to remote assistance to cut costs and reduce consumption, DEKA has always been innovative in discovering new methods and making existing ones more user-friendly.
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