About DEKA
"A science is not completely known until one knows its history." Auguste Comte

World Leader in Laser Solutions

Innovative cutting-edge technology for medical and industrial applications



A company of the El.En. Group, DEKA is a world leader in the manufacture of laser systems. El.En. is the parent company of a high-tech industrial Group that operates in the optoelectronics sector exploiting its own technology and multidisciplinary knowhow to manufacture laser sources (gas, with semiconductors, solid-state and liquid) and innovative lasers for medical and industrial applications.

The El.En. Group designs, manufactures and markets worldwide:
· medical laser devices for use in dermatology, surgery, aesthetics, physiotherapy, dentistry;
· ndustrial laser systems for applications ranging from cutting, marking and welding of metals, wood and plastic, to texture design on skins and fabrics and the conservative restoration of artworks;
. systems for scientific research.

For more detailed information about El.En. and the other companies in the Group, visit the official website of the El.En. Group: http://www.elengroup.com/

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