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SmartXide Touch DOT/RF

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Specifically designed for DOT/RF Therapy and Monalisa Touch®
Skin Surgery
Anti-Aging & Wrinkles
Pigmented Lesions
Skin Tightening
CO₂ - 10600nm
Radio Frequency


  Where DEKA makes the difference
CO2 and Radiofrequency: 
Combined Action. Total Rejuvenation.


DEKA has developed an innovative and exclusive configuration designed for aesthetic medicine and dermatological surgery. This device is called Smartxide Touch and it can be equipped with the HiScan DOT/RF scanner system using the combined action of CO2 laser with radiofrequency (RF).

SmartXide Touch corrects skin imperfections and counteracts the effects of aging, such as wrinkles and flabbiness, by exerting a unique action on the tissues with effective stimulation of neocollagenesis. It is also ideal for areas hitherto considered untreatable such as the neck, decollete and periocular area.

DEKA, world leader in the development of advanced laser systems, concentrated the results of thirty years of know-how into the technological advancements of the SmartXide Touch. The CO2 laser source with exclusive PSD® (Pulse Shape Design) technology, achieves performance levels never attained before in dermatological applications. The therapeutic action selectively reaches surface tissues and deeper areas, ensuring maximum reliability in controlling the application, with minimum thermal damage and extremely rapid recovery times for patients. In line with the ongoing quest for innovation, DEKA paves the way towards a new multidisciplinary, avant-garde laser system.

DOT/RF Therapy
DOT Therapy
Periocular Lifting
Dermatological Surgery
Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery
HiScan DOT/RF The first scanning system that integrates CO2 fractional laser with bipolar RF energy source.
5 SmartStack Levels, for a precise control of the thermal effect and vaporization depth.
SmartTrack Exclusive randomised fractional scanning algorithm to minimise local temperature increases.
5 Scanning figures adjustable in size and height/width ratio.
More than 2,000,000 Combinations settings available.
PSD® Technology The exclusive Pulse Shape Design technology enables the maximum flexibility of the pulse shape: S-pulse, D-pulse, H-pulse and the CW mode, greatly expand the surgical capabilities of the SmartXide Touch.
Database Integrated protocols designed for Aesthetic Dermatology and other applications (as Gynaecology, V2LR and Dentistry).
Multimedia Integrated photo and video tutorial providing quick and targeted training for specialists and their staff.

“I have been using DOT/RF Therapy since 2010 with fantastic results. SmartXide Touch is clearly superior to all the other CO2 laser sources. Thanks to the PSD® technology it works in continuous mode and in a multitude of pulsed modes with very different features. This versatility makes it possible to select the optimal pulse shape for the required treatment. I can work in “cold” mode when I have to vaporise with minimal heat damage to the surrounding tissues, in “hot” mode to coagulate, and also in “heat selection” mode when I have to operate in-depth on small areas, as with skin resurfacing and fractioned rejuvenation. It is precisely in this type of application that the new HiScan DOT/RF offers unique performance with amazing results and fewer sessions. All this is made possible by the option, offered exclusively by HiScan DOT/RF, of using a radiofrequency source combined with CO2 laser”

Prof. Nicola Zerbinati, M.D.
Department of Dermatology
University of Insubria - Varese, Italy