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Synchro FT

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The Widest Range of Tailor-Made and Customised Treatments on the Market
Vascular Lesions
Pigmented Lesions
Hair Removal
Anti-Aging & Wrinkles
Nd:YAG Short Pulse - 1064nm
Nd:YAG Long Pulse - 1064nm
Pulsed Light


  Where DEKA makes the difference
The Measure of a Great Technology is its Ease of Use

Combining an Nd:YAG Long & Short Pulse laser with the useful FT pulsed light handpiece, the versatile Synchro FT enables physicians to offer a complete range of dermatological and aesthetic treatments: hair removal on all phototypes, vascular and pigmented lesions, and skin rejuvenation.

Protocol database, new incorporated cooling system and touch screen are some of DEKA technological innovations for a versatile and rapid work tool. Synchro FT is the synthesis of DEKA’s technological excellence: unique, known and appreciated the world over.
Vascular Treatments
Hair Removal
Pigmented Lesions
Non-Ablative Skin Rejuvenation
Pseudofolliculitis Barbae (PFB)
3 Different sources housed in a single platform: laser Nd:YAG Long Pulse & Nd:YAG Short Pulse; FT pulsed light.
5 Handpieces for the Nd:YAG laser source, with Top-Hat Spot Size technology and automatic recognition system.
5 Interchangeable filters for the FT pulsed light handpiece. It takes only a moment to adjust the emission to the specific application and the patient’s phototype.
10” New, larger colour LCD Touch-Screen.
9 Regulation levels for the contact skin cooling system incorporated in the system, for the laser handpieces.
11 Regulation levels for the contact skin cooling system incorporated in the system, for the FT pulsed light handpiece.
Over 300 Protocols dealing with dermatology and aesthetic surgery.

Synchro FT has significantly improved my work. I feel as though I’ve been working with this technology for years. Ever since the first treatment, I’ve been using the protocol database with amazing results. Following just a few simple instructions, I can tailor each treatment to the patient’s specific needs.

The interchangeable filter system of the pulsed light handpiece is an extremely useful innovation: a brilliant technology that has streamlined methods and work times in my clinic. No more interruptions or wasted time: it takes only a moment to replace the filter to change application or adjust it to the patient’s phototype.

Prof. Piero Campolmi, MD
Department of Dermatology
University of Florence, Italy