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Duolite QS

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  Where DEKA makes the difference
Duolite QS is the new system especially designed by DEKA for removing tattoos and deep pigmented lesions.
Duolite QS is a Q-switched Nd:YAG laser capable of emitting two different wavelengths at 1064 nm (in the infrared) and 532 nm (green light). The main feature of the Q-switched technology is that it is able to generate an extremely powerful pulse (in MegaWatts) in exceedingly short times (in several nanoseconds - ns). Thanks to this characteristic, and in accordance with the theory of selective photothermolysis, Duolite QS allows for safe and effi cacious treatment of different coloured tattoos and deep pigmented lesions, even in patients with dark phototypes.

The desire to remove tattoos has always been counteracted by the resulting permanent scarring. Only thanks to the advent of the QS laser technology (Quality factor - Switched laser) has it been possible to create systems for removing tattoos in an effi cacious and non-invasive manner.

Action mechanism
The Duolite QS system releases high energy in extremely short times (max 6 ns), producing a "photo-acoustic" effect that breaks down the derma cells containing the tattoo pigment. Thanks to the rupturing of the membrane of these cells, the pigment is released and eliminated by the lymphatic-draining system. These short laser emissions allow for confi ning the thermal effect exclusively to the target to be hit - in this case the tattoo pigment - therefore safeguarding the surrounding tissues.

In order for the treatment to be effective, the laser light must be absorbed by the pigment. The colours of tattoos are often multiple and therefore one single session may not be suffi cient for eliminating them all.
Thanks to its dual wavelength, Duolite QS, allows for removing numerous colours with one single system.
By working in the infrared (1064 nm) black and blue tattoos can be removed even in dark phototypes thanks to the low interaction of this wavelength with the skin melanin. The green light (532 nm) instead acts on red or reddish colours.

Benign Pigmented lesions
As in the case of treating tattoos, the wavelength emitted by the Duolite QS system allows for acting on the melanin in a different manner according to its density and depth.

The pigmented lesions are divided into epidermal and dermal, depending on the depth of the pigment.
Epidermal lesions (freckles, cafè-au-lait spots, sunspots, etc.) can be treated by using a wavelength of 532 nm, which is specifi cally absorbed by the melanin and therefore acts mainly at the superfi cial skin levels. Dermal lesions (Ota's Nevus, Ito or Hori's Nevus, Mongolic spot...) are located more in depth and therefore a wavelength is necessary that penetrates further into the skin. In this case the 1064 nm wavelength of the Duolite QS system is used.
As with the removal of tattoos, only the Q-switched emission is capable of treating dermal lesions effi caciously without running the risk of scarring.