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Smart 2940 Plus

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  Where DEKA makes the difference
The Erbium (Er:YAG) laser is the ideal instrument for safe, repeatable tissular ablation.

Thanks to Smart 2940 Plus, the majority of surface lesions can be treated, including wrinkles and a wide range of scar tissue, with a minimum of heat damage and in most cases with the elimination of anaesthetics, risks and adverse side effects.

The radiation emitted by the Er:YAG laser coincides with the water absorption peak, enabling the removal of skin layers 20 times finer than with the traditional CO2 laser.

Smart 2940 Plus incorporates sophisticated pulse-length controls for enhancing the ablative effect and heat action.

Many applications are possible with this laser, including: skin resurfacing, treatment of acne and hypertrophic scars, treatment of pigmentation lesions, treatment of other types of lesions like sebaceous adenomas, actinic keratosis, seborrhoic keratosis, xanthelasmas, neurofibromas, epidermic and dermic nevi.