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Synchro VasQ

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The Evolution of Dye Laser with the New RightLightTM Technology: The Perfect Synergy of Laser and Light
Vascular Lesions
Psoriasis & Vitiligo
Anti-Aging & Wrinkles
Pigmented Lesions
Dye - 595nm


  Where DEKA makes the difference
The Evolution of Dye Laser with the New RightLightTM Technology: The Perfect Synergy of Laser and Light 

Synchro VasQ is the new dye laser from DEKA, which treats a large number of vascular lesions and can also be used in the treatment of psoriasis, warts, scars and acne. 

Synchro VasQ is able to release energy in micropulses, with a clear benefit in terms of reducing post-treatment purpura. The greater amount of energy available makes it possible to use a maximum spot size of 12 mm. This improves the therapeutic approach and the treatment speed, especially for more extensive lesions, always guaranteeing maximum patient comfort. 

Synchro VasQ can also use the innovative RightLightTM technology, a light source enclosed in a special handpiece, with emission characteristics similar to those of the dye laser but with a much larger treatment surface area of up to 6.3 cm2. With this new instrument, it is at last possible to treat superficial vascular lesions, without the annoying problem of purpura. 
PWS, Angiomas & Haemangiomas 
Telangiectasias & Rosacea 
Pigmented Stains 
Hypertrophic Scars 
Stretch Marks 
2 Light sources that use organic colouring: dye laser and dye lamp with RightLightTM technology.
5 Laser handpieces with spot sizes ranging from 5 to 12 mm.
RightLightTM Technology Exclusive and selective DEKA Pulsed Dye Lamp handpieces with wide emission areas for a better treatment of superficial lesions.
Database Knowledge ready-to-use thanks to the integrated protocols designed for dermatology.
400,000 Free shots included in the price (or 4 years of free shots)1.

 1 Contact DEKA to find out the conditions for activating this special program.

"The dye laser is the most effective system for treating thicker and deeper vascular lesions, such as port wine stains and haemangiomas. The new Synchro VasQ system from DEKA is not only comparable with the best dye lasers currently on the market but, thanks to the new RightLightTM technology, it introduces a real novelty that I have found extremely effective and important for my dermatology practice. The new RightLightTM lamp gives a laser-like light that preserves all the emission characteristics of a dye laser, but with the energy distributed over a large surface area. Thus, the treatment of superficial vascular lesions, such as erythrosis and rosacea, is extremely effective, maintaining complete safety and maximum comfort for the patient. I consider that this combination of dye laser and dye lamp offers the best synergy to make the treatment of lesions that are very disabling for patients even more effective and safe. The advantages of this system are not limited to the vascular aspect. In recent years, many new applications have been added for this product that has now become an irreplaceable tool for the technologically advanced specialist service that i can offer to my patients."

Prof. Paolo Bonan, M.D.
Department of Dermatology
University of Florence, Italy.