About DEKA
"A science is not completely known until one knows its history." Auguste Comte

R & D
DEKA Research & Development

Sharing knowledge, contributing to progress.


R&D has always represented an essential strategic choice for DEKA.
The investment into this area is a high percentage of the company's turnover.
Since its foundation, DEKA's researchers have promoted and collaborated with leading national centers in scientific research projects, including numerous university departments, the CNR and ENEA.

Its ongoing and increasingly broader participation in national and international research projects have enriched its internal know-how, contributing considerably towards the dynamic and versatile qualities of its numerous production lines.
Worth noting among the internal R&D department's most recent results is the excimer light used in curing psoriasis and vitiligo and the development - still underway - of new systems for robot-assisted micro-invasive surgery, reparative therapy of gonoarthrosis and dental care.

Moreover, DEKA's clinical experimentation is continuing in Italy and qualified European and American centers in order to confirm and document the efficacy of new therapeutic treatments performed by lasers in various fields of medicine: dermatology, gastroenterology, ENT, gynaecology, oculistics, interstitial laser hyperthermia.

From man’s wellbeing to the protection of art
The same principles behind the dermatological treatments are also the basis of restoration.
Deka’s laser systems enable complete control of the parameters for removing the ravages of time on artworks without damaging the original structure

DEKA is partner of the project INSIDE co-financed under Tuscany POR FESR 2014-2020 – Measure 1.1.5
The portal reserved to DEKA physicians with exclusive and customised services to support medical practice.