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Vascular Lesions

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Years of experience and constant research in technological and clinical innovation have enabled DEKA to select light sources and pulsed lights for treating vascular lesions on the face, trunk and legs, optimising clinical outcome and minimising the risk of dyschromic and cicatricial effects.

The various wavelengths pass through the skin targeting the anomalous vascular structures deep beneath and selectively irradiate the haemoglobin, thus minimising any interaction with the melanin in the upper layers.

The versatility of the DEKA systems, where laser energy and pulsed light, spot size, duration and shape of the pulse can be selected to match the "gauge" and "haemodynamics" of the vascular dilatation, combined with the integrated cooling systems, are strategic to achieving targeted thermal damage of the various vascular structures.

For example, the Dye Laser source at 595 nm enables adequate penetration and oxyhaemoglobin selectivity for the treatment of ectasic lesions at a dermal level, whereas due to its lower absorption, the Nd:YAG laser radiation at 1064nm allows energy to be transferred even to deeper vessels of greater diameter and different structure (as in telangiectasias of the lower limbs).

Last but not least, the DEKA pulsed lights, fitted with 5 interchangeable filters with an emission spectrum between 500-1200nm and 650-1200nm, are extremely efficacious and versatile in treating photoaging of the superficial vascular components.

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