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Acne scars represent a very widespread aesthetic and psychological condition that requires treatment with combined ablative and non-ablative methods in order to achieve satisfactory clinical results and reduce recovery times to a minimum. In fact, scarring from acne involves a thinning of the skin layers and loss of elasticity and tone, the severity of which will depend on the duration of the acne.
Significant improvements require the use of more than one laser source in order to selectively and effectively reach the various depths of the tissue involved for normalising the skin surface and stimulating new collagen.
By controlling the depth of the vaporisation and repair processes, the CO2 (SmartXide DOT System) and Er:YAG (Smart 2940 Plus System) laser sources help reduce the visible atrophy, levelling the edges of the acne scars. Thanks to the exclusive Smartpulse technology, the CO2 SmartXide DOT fractioned source is also able to stimulate the production of new collagen, acting in depth and not just on the outer part of the lesions.

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Fractioned Micro-ablative Photorejuvenation
Minor Skin Surgery

The non-ablative Er:Glass, Nd:YAG, and Nd:YAP laser sources plus the use of pulsed lamps and large-spectrum infrared sources (DOT 1540 and Synchro HP Systems), offer great versatility in the choice of tissue penetration, stimulating new collagen and endowing the skin with renewed glow and tone.

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Non-ablative Photorejuvenation