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Hair Removal

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DEKA offers a wide range of wavelengths selection that represents the very latest in hair removal technology: Alexandrite, Diode and Nd:YAG laser sources, plus the special pulsed light handpieces UPL (U-shape Pulsed Lamp) and FT (Full Treatment).

This makes it possible through maximum selectivity, to optimise treatment for every phototypes and patients with fine thin and/or fair hair, while also protecting the tissues from undesirable side effects.


The Real Revolution in the Universe of Laser Hair Removal!

DEKA’s R&D team came up with a solution that meets the most advanced market requirements, definitively improving and simplifying patient and operator experience.

The moveo handpiece, with its innovative sapphire tip, is the killer application in medical laser hair removal. Moveo drastically reduces the amount of energy reflected by the skin, with its fast, agile contact across the treatment area, using light circular movements.

The new treatment technique using Moveo Technology exploits heat accumulation in the germ structure of the hair due to the repeated passages. The power setting is reduced while the frequency increases (usually 5 Hz) so that the laser beam passes through the skin many times. Each passage transmits heat in-depth to obtain the removal of the hair effectively, guaranteeing patient comfort as never before.

Available for both Motus AX and Synchro REPLA:Y systems, moveo handpiece is the insight that was missing in the laser hair removal sector.

For further details regarding Moveo Technology watch the video Motus AX with Moveo. The Real Revolution in Hair Removal Universe and read EUREKA MOMENT! Only by DEKA