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Surgical V²LR

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The V2LR methodology has a significant surgical aspect, but more importantly for the results that can easily be achieved. Among these surgical techniques, the most relevant are: (reduction) labiaplasty surgery, clitoral unhooding and cylindrisation of the vagina.

- Labiaplasty surgery for small and large labia allows a perfect reshaping of the labia with a method less complicated and painful than the one with hot or cold scalpel. The CO2 laser SmarXide DOT and the SmartXide2, which provide a perfect power of coagulation and reduce time ablation, make this type of treatment possible and yield impeccable results with little bleeding. CO2 lasers are minimally invasive and do not have the typical side effects of radiofrequency systems.

- Clitoral unhooding is quick, bloodless and effective, thanks to the characteristics of the DEKA CO2 laser and the handling of surgical manipulation. This type of action is considered essential to restore a satisfactory sexual life. The function of the clitoris is of paramount importance during arousal and orgasm in women, especially during intercourse. Clitoral hypertrophy reduction is easily done in a simple and fast procedure with CO2 laser DEKA.

- Cylindrisation of the vagina. This technique for reducing the back part of the vagina is a well-known surgical intervention, but utilizing a less invasive CO2 laser for this treatment greatly attenuates blood loss and post-op discomfort

How it works

The surgical approach in the treatment of vulvo-vaginal rejuvenation is just the latest step in the widespread use of CO2 laser in gynecologic surgery. The CO2 lasers can precisely and effectively vaporize and coagulate the vaginal mucous membranes and the skin of the vulva at once because of its high affinity to the liquid content of these tissues. Furthermore, they provide the needed power for the appropriate surgery (especially in pulsed modes) and provide adequate surgical laser instruments. In particular, the surgical laser handpieces, which are able to focus the laser beam in small spots in order to vaporize tissue in fast and effective way.

DEKA has developed surgical hand pieces of adequate length and right spot for this type of treatment. Contact DEKA for further information.