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March 16, 2018

MonaLisa got the Clearance to be exported in Israele

Smartxide Touch, the cutting edge device for a wide range of applications, inclulding MonaLisa Touch® today receives the Clearance to be market also in Israele, expanding its presence over the world.

MonaLisa Touch® is the flagship product for DEKA. It represents a new method, with a unique concept, to restore the trophic conditions of the vulvo vaginal region, counteracting the Genitourinary syndrome of menopause (GSM).

Thanks to the gentle action of an innovative fractional CO₂ laser, the vaginal tissue can be rejuvenated naturally and effectively by means of therapeutic and not purely aesthetic treatment. When the pre-menopausal structure is restored, the vaginal mucosa benefits from the functionality it had lost due to age, thereby recovering: hydration, trophism, tone and sensitivity.

“The possibility to export also in Israele is another important step for DEKA, thanks to this clearance an important area has been covered.” said Mauro Galli (Export Manager). “With this product we are committed to improve the quality of life of many women!”

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