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Muscle Tone and Definition, Muscle Strength, Fat Reduction

Workout – Free Muscle Toning?

Effortless and Progressive Muscle Strengthening Through Neuromuscular Stimulation

Schwarzy acts on different body areas and in a few sessions it increases muscle tone and volume, improving the postural aspect. By using TOP FMS technology it interacts with the muscular tissues, inducing intensive contractions.

Schwarzy’s Quick Wins:


In-depth stimulation of the muscle inducing a strong metabolic reaction (TOPFMS)


Effective on different body areas (buttocks, abdomen, hips, legs, arms) without dermo-epidermic involvement


Reduction of risk factors related to pre-obesity or abdominal obesity


Max comfort, completely painless procedure


Pre-set and tailored protocols


Easy to use, unmanned technology


A Strong Stimulation that Boosts Strong Benefits

Magnetic stimulation (TOP FMS) activates the muscles – without epidermal involvement -by inducing intense contractions that would otherwise be unachievable. The muscles reach over 20,000 contractions during a session and respond by remodeling their structures and increasing their volume.



TOP FMS Technology

The special form of the electromagnetic field enables homogeneous distribution of the intensity, without peaks that cause pain and low tolerability for the patients.


Tailored & Progressive Training Programs

The Schwarzy training program is indicated for resumption or strengthening of physical activity by level of physical condition level: Sedentary – moderately active and fit people.
3 different protocols are available depending on the patient’s fitness level and each protocol consists of 2 modules of increasing intensity, to be performed in chronological succession.


1) AEROBIC – Starting workout for sedentary people
2) SHAPING – Muscle workout aimed at recovering muscle trophism and tone
3) STRENGTH – Muscle work aimed at increasing muscle strength and building up muscle mass

3 Different Shape Pads (patent pending)

The pads are ergonomic and have been developed to adapt to and to excellently interact with the treated area:

    ➪ FLAT – mainly suitable for upper legs/thighs and buttocks
    ➪ CURVE – mainly suitable for lower legs and forearm
    ➪ ELLIPSE – mainly suitable for abdomen.


Before & After

View before and after photos of real patients with positive results using Schwarzy in fat reduction through neuromuscular stimulation

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