Motus AY
Especially recommended for
Hair Removal, Vascular Lesions, Benign Pigmented Lesions, Anti-Aging
Motus-AY-for-Hair Removal-Vascular-Treatments-Dermatology

Motus AY

A Jump in the Future of Hair Removal and Vascular Treatment for all Skin Types

Motus AY is the new system which combines Alexandrite with Nd:YAG laser sources covering all applications in dermatology.

The Key to Success:


Effective and Safe for either All Skin Types (I to VI) or fair hair patients


Wide Range of Applications in One Simple Solution


Fast and side-effects free thanks to Moveo Technology


Maximum Simplicity and maneuverability

Double Sources System:
Broadening the Range of Possible Treatments

Alex (755 nm)
The only effective in treating fine and fair hair.
(1064 nm)
It penetrates deeper into the skin to be effective in vascular treatment (both face and legs).

Moveo Handpiece- Available for both Alex and Nd:YAG

The new handpiece technology integrates a sapphire tip that comes in contact with the skin reducing the reflected energy loss. The new hair removal method consists in repeated passes on skin treated areas that cause gradual heating of the vital parts of hairs.


No Reflection = 100% Of Energy Absorption

The total adherence of the handpiece on the surface to be treated reset energy dispersion thus obtaining 100% of energy absorption, which means that to obtain the same results we need lower power comparing to other systems on the market.


Maximum Effectiveness at Lower Power = Total Safety

The cumulative laser emission permits to deliver amount of energy at lower power pulses that leads to hairs destruction in a way that is totally painless for the patient and side-effects free such as burning or discolouring, even in darker skin types.

total safety

Moveo PL: The new Moveo Handpiece for Pigmented Lesions

DEKA introduces the new Moveo PL handpiece, which extends the advantages of Moveo technology to the treatment of benign pigmented lesions.

This new 7 mm handpiece allows to treat skin spots by progressively heating the lesion. Compared to the traditional “single spot” technique, the Moveo PL handpiece guarantees excellent efficacy without causing discolouration or hypopigmentation.


Before & After

View before and after photos of real patients with positive results using Motus AY in Hair Removal and more.

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