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SmartXide² WH

Here you can find several accessories regarding SmartXide² WH.

Components and accessories, handpieces and tools add versatility and efficiency to our workstations. Browse here our list of accessories for your DEKA’s device.


EndoScan is a miniturised scanner able to achieve a X-Y movement by using a single mirror. The dimensions are very compact permitting to mount the EndoScan directly at the end of the articulated arm. Moreover Endoscan can perform some complex ...

CO₂ Surgical Laser Handpieces

CO₂ surgical handpieces are available for all the models of Smartxide² and the Smartxide²’s basic price includes one handpiece amongst the ones shown in this chapter. All the SmartXide² handpieces are composed by three different parts:
• an external central part (Handpiece Body), 
• an internal part (Focal Assembly) and 
• a distal part (Spacer) which depends by the choosed Focal Group.

Protective Glasses

All people, staing in the room where the laser is working, could be affected by laser radiation exposure. For this reason they must wear safety glasses.
DEKA provides with every laser system specific laser safety eyewear which are appropriate for the laser wavelength, for the laser power and for the laser working modes. All glasses are compliant with European Community norm EN 207 which is stricter than the American norm ANSI Z 136...

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