Motus AX

Moveo Technology for laser hair removal: Thighs
Easy and quick treatments with the breakthrough MOVEO technology that is revolutionizing the hair removal market! Simple circular or linear movements eliminate unwanted hair in a quick, safe, effective and painless way using cutting-edge Alexandrite laser! Watch the video tutorial now! (Courtesy of Prof. Giovanni Cannarozzo, M.D. - Tor Vergata University, Rome - Italy) Moveo Technology: The real Revolution in the Universe of laser hair Removal. Available for Motus AX and Synchro REPLAY laser systems. Only By DEKA! REMARK: Please be aware that some of the information / pictures / intended uses mentioned or linked in this video are not available in the USA, its territories and possessions and in Canada.

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Moveo Technology for laser hair removal: Abdomen
Moveo Technology for laser hair removal: Thighs
DEKA MOVEO technology: a new laser hair removal concept!
Motus AX Laser Hair Removal
Motus AX with Moveo. The Real Revolution in Hair Removal Universe
The Cartessa Team meets Motus AX

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