Smartxide HS

DEKA CO2 Laser Arm Procedure
DEKA Smartxide DOT Laser Arm raising and stowing procedure. Make sure to UNLOCK the arm before moving it from a stowed position. Also make sure to LOCK it after bringing it up. It is recommended that this procedure be performed only when transporting the laser. The arm should always be left in the upright position for normal use in the office

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Massive and obstructive polypoid degeneration
Left vocal fold paralysis
Subglottic Granulomas.
Laryngeal Papilloma.
Hemorrhagic Vocal Cord Polyps. Part I.
Intracordal Cyst.
Subglottic Laryngeal Stenosis
Angiomatous Polyp
Otosclerosis (patient 1)
Hemorrhagic Vocal Cord Polyps. Part II
Interview Paul F. Castellanos, MD
Posterior Glottic Fixation.
Otosclerosis (patient 2)
Leukoplakia in previous surgery with anteriorsynechia
Internal laryngopyocele
Glottic laryngeal leukoplakia
Interview S. Dallari, MD
DEKA CO2 Laser Arm Procedure

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