SmartXide Touch DOT/RF

Striae & DOT Therapy_10
Dr S Zerman, from Clinica de Pele, shows how to perform a treatment with HiScan DOT scanner syestem and SmartXide DOT CO2 laser for improving striae aspect. (Video 10 from Clinic de pele YT Channel.)

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Eyelid Rejuvenation with DOT Therapy_3
Striae & DOT Therapy_7
Eyelid Rejuvenation with DOT Therapy_2
Spots & Skin Rejuvenation with DOT Therapy_5
Striae & DOT Therapy_12
Striae & DOT Therapy_9
Spots & Skin Rejuvenation with DOT Therapy_11
Laser-tissue interaction: an account of recent application in this field
Acne Scars & DOT Therapy_3
Striae & DOT Therapy_14
Striae & DOT Therapy_10
Striae & DOT Therapy_6
Webinar TIPS&TRICKS on CO2 Lasers with Prof. Paolo Bonan
Acne Scars & DOT Therapy_6
Striae & DOT Therapy_11
Spots & Skin Rejuvenation with DOT Therapy_2
Striae & DOT Therapy_13
Tricoscan™: The new scanning system for Laser-Assisted Hair Transplantation procedures
Laser Blepharoplasty
Fibroma Pendulans.
Striae & DOT Therapy_2
Sebaceous Adenoma
Striae & DOT Therapy_1
Striae & DOT Therapy_5
Spots & Skin Rejuvenation with DOT Therapy_9
Laser Blepharoplasty
Acne Scars & DOT Therapy_10
DEKA Laser Treatments.
Eyelid Rejuvenation with DOT Therapy_1
Acne Scars & DOT Therapy_11
Acne Scars & DOT Therapy_5
Skin Excrescence.
Striae & DOT Therapy_3
Upper Eyelid CO2 Laser Blepharoplasty.
Spots & Skin Rejuvenation with DOT Therapy_1
Plantar Keratosis.
Fatty Cyst.

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