Synchro VasQ

Synchro VasQ: PWS
Practice session of PWS treatment using DEKA dye laser Synchro VasQ. Thanks to the largest spotsize available on the market (12 mm diameter) it is possible to get better clinical results!

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Synchro VasQ & RightLight Handpiece: Flushing
Synchro VasQ & RightLight Handpiece: Rosacea 2
Synchro VasQ: Wart
Synchro VasQ: PWS
Synchro VasQ: Vascular Lesions and Wart - Face
Synchro VasQ & RightLight Handpiece: Rosacea
Synchro VasQ: Vascular Lesion - Nose
Laser Treatment of Vascular Anomalies

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