Pigmented Lesions

Pigmented Lesions

Effective Laser and Light Treatment without Causing Cicatricial or Permanent Dyschromic Effects

Pigmented lesions can be classed as either epidermal, dermal and mixed, depending on the location of the pigment in the skin; DEKA has devised specific systems for different wavelengths and pulse durations that can be used according to the specific lesion and selectively target and destroy the melanin contained in pigmented lesions. Thanks to the versatility of DEKA's technologies (pulsed lights, Q-switched laser for selective targeting of the melanin at different depths and the latest Movéo PL virtually painless Multipass 755nm Alex Laser) an efficacious and non-invasive manner has been developed.

How it Works

Then newest Moveo PL  technology is now available for treating benign pigmented lesions, with effective and painless treatments, with no side effects and for any skin type. This new 7 mm handpiece allows to treat skin spots by progressively heating the lesion. Compared to the traditional “single spot” technique, the Moveo PL handpiece guarantees excellent efficacy without causing either discoloration or hypopigmentation, which are very common, especially in skin with diffuse pigmentation.

The Q-switched laser systems release high energy at very short intervals (in the range of nanoseconds) which means the melanosomes are selectively destroyed thanks to both a thermal and photomechanical effect.

Superficial epidermal lesions (freckles, ephelids, milk-coffee stains, several types of nevi and sun spots), are the easiest to remove without any scarring effect by using relatively short wavelengths such as Q-switched (532n) or pulsed light by selecting the most suitable filter in relation to the skin phototype.

Dermal lesions just like Nevi of Ota, Nevi of Ito and Hori, and Mongolian spots, require a wavelength of 1064 nm for deeper penetration into the skin. In the case of mixed dermal-epidermal lesions it is advisable to treat the epidermal component first and once this has been mitigated, the laser can then be used to penetrate deeper into the dermal component.

Pulsed light has proved to be an extremely effective and versatile instrument for pigmentary rejuvenation, carried out in total safety. It is particularly suitable for treating sun spots and superficial age spots, especially where the skin is thin and delicate such as on the hands or throat. Excellent results can be achieved in just a few patient-friendly sessions.

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Pigmented Lesions

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