Hair Removal

Hair Removal

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DEKA offers a wide selection of wavelengths that represents the very latest hair removal technology: Alexandrite, Diode and Nd:YAG laser sources, plus the special UPL (U-shape Pulsed Lamp) and FT (Full Treatment) pulsed light handpieces.

This makes highly selective treatments possible on every phototype and patient with fine thin and/or fair hair, protecting the tissues from undesirable side effects at the same time.


How it Works

Photoepilation using either laser or pulsed light systems is based on selective photothermolysis theory. With the right choice of wavelength, fluence and pulse duration, it is possible to obtain selective thermal damage over a specific target, just minimizing harmful effects to the surrounding tissues.

In hair removal treatments, the target to be destroyed is the hair follicle. The light is absorbed by the melanin contained in the hair which acts as an “intermediary” to transmit damaging heat inside the follicle.

MOVEO Technology - Missing in Laser Hair Removal

DEKA came up with a revolutionary solution in medical laser hair removal: Moveo Technology - a new treatment that exploits heat accumulation in the germ structure of the hair due to the repeated passages, improving and simplifying patient and operator experience.

Moveo is available for AgainMotus AYMotus AX and Synchro REPLA:Y systems.

Before & After

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Hair Removal

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