Anti Aging & Wrinkles

Anti Aging & Wrinkles

High Degree of Efficacy with Minimal Post-Treatment Recovery Times

DEKA Laser & pulsed light systems offer ultra-versatile treatments that can be tailored to the specific demands of each patient.


CO2 + 1540 nm

Ongoing research aimed at maximizing efficacy, comfort and patient treatment safety has led to the selection of two wavelengths: An ablative one (CO2) and a thermic one (1540nm).

The synergy of the two wavelengths, CO2+1540nm, allows us to reach a homogenous, contiguous and non-coagulative heating of the entire scanning area and to reach new and elevated thermic depths, not possible with ablative sources alone. The thermic effect reaches a depth level such as to maximize tissue stimulation action and to obtain therefore an even more effective treatment with reduced recovery time.

Discover DUOGlide CO2 (DOT Therapy)

By combining the effectiveness of traditional carbon dioxide lasers with the fractional laser emission, DOT Therapy delivers powerful results without the traditionally harsh side effects.

Thanks to the special Hi-Scan DOT and MicroScan DOT scanning systems, CO₂ laser emission generates micro-areas of both ablation and thermal damage alternating with healthy tissue. This highly controlled micro lesions produce immediate tissue shrinkage and stimulates neocollagenogenesis.

The areas of healthy tissue between treated areas foster rapid tissue repair and a drastic reduction in recovery time and post-treatment erythema. Discover Glide



CO2+RF (DOT/RF Therapy)

The innovative DOT/RF Therapy is the new referral procedure in skin resurfacing treatment which combines the action of fractional CO₂ laser with Bipolar radiofrequency (RF).

The synergic action of CO₂ laser with RF of HiScan DOT/RF (available in SmartXide² and SmartXide Touch systems) can selectively reach all skin layers, maximizing results and reducing both downtime and side effects.

Bipolar RF technology activates selective heating of the derma, completing and enhancing the effects of CO₂ laser treatment by remodeling tissue in depth, toning flabbiness and stimulating fibroblast activity to produce new collagen. The combined action of CO₂ and RF reduces post – treatment erythema and downtime with great benefits for patients.
Discover SmartXide Touch DOT/RF

Pico Rejuvenation
Pico Rejuvenation is a particular rejuvenation treatment that can be obtained through the photoacoustic effect of the picosecond Q-Switched laser which, by impacting the tissue at the right depth, stimulates collagen leaving the surrounding tissue intact. By using less heat, this treatment not only reduces the risk of PIH, but it can also be used to treat the effects of PIH caused by an inflammatory disorder or even other laser treatments.
Discover SmartPICO

Non Ablative & Minimally Ablative Photorejuvenation

Both Non Ablative & Minimally Ablative Photorejuvenation aim at improving Collagen denaturation and Shrinkage to promote a very visible cosmetic result since the first session. Non-ablative photorejuvenation is a beneficial, non-invasive solution to improve the appearance, color and texture of the skin with neither lengthy post-op recovery time nor compromising work and social activities.

Non-ablative photorejuvenation uses either laser or light sources that penetrate the skin in depth without vaporizing part of it. The advantage of such sources consists in not producing any partial or total removal of the epidermis, thus eliminating the problems associated with this practice. Intense Pulse Light with variable Filters, Nd:YAG, Nd:YAP, Q-Switched Nd:YAG as well as Diode laser belong to this category.

DEKA has developed a new wavelength for micro-ablative photorejuvenation: A 675 nm laser source that directly intervenes on collagen, generating sub-ablative and selective thermic damage micro zones through which the cutis is protected from damage and, therefore, from post-treatment side effects.
Discover RedTouch

CoolPeel™ is a brand new way to deliver the benefits of a traditional CO₂ resurfacing treatment, with a safer and more comfortable approach, by targeting just the superficial layer of skin tissue.
Discover SmartXide Punto

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Anti-Aging & Wrinkles

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