Skin Tightening

Triactive Protocol: FACE
Video tutorial of face and neck anti-aging protocol. The strokes have been perfected for best exploiting the effects of the dermal massage obtained with rhythmic aspiration, taking into account the rectangular or round shape of the aspiration chamber and the various tips. For a more detailed explanation of different treatment phases (with settings of parameters and tips indications) please refer to the clinical manual.

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Triactive Protocol: FACE
Triactive Protocol: FACE
Triactive Protocol: ARMS
ONDA Tutorial - Cellulite Treatment
ONDA Tutorial - Tightening Treatment
Triactive +: The All in One Solution for Body Shaping
Face Treatment with Laser Handpiece
Body Treatment with Laser Handpiece
LUXEA: Your X-Factor Modular Platform for Limitless Possibilities
Triactive Protocol: BODY - GYNOID
Triactive Protocol: ARMS
Prof. Alfio Scalisi presents Triactive +
Triactive Protocol: BODY - ANDROID
Triactive Protocol: BODY - ANDROID
LUXEA - X Factor in Dermatology
ONDA: an absolute revolution in body contouring
Neck Treatment with TriActive
Triactive +: Arms Module A.4.
Triactive +: Facial Module A.2.
Body Treatment with Ultrasound Handpiece
Triactive+ : Lower Limbs Module A.1
ONDA Tutorial - Localized Fat
ONDA Overview - Body Contouring Revolution with Coolwaves
Triactive+ : Lower Limbs Module A.9.
Triactive Protocol: BODY - GYNOID
Triactive+ : Abdomen Module A.6.
Triactive +: Facial Module A.1.

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