Skin Tightening

Triactive Protocol: BODY - ANDROID
Video tutorial of android morphotype body protocol For a more detailed explanation of different treatment phases (with settingo of parameters and tips indications) please refer to the clinical manual.

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Triactive Protocol: BODY - GYNOID
LUXEA - X Factor in Dermatology
Face Treatment with Laser Handpiece
ONDA Tutorial - Tightening Treatment
Neck Treatment with TriActive
Triactive Protocol: ARMS
Triactive Protocol: FACE
Triactive+ : Lower Limbs Module A.9.
ONDA Tutorial - Localized Fat
ONDA: an absolute revolution in body contouring
Triactive Protocol: BODY - ANDROID
Triactive Protocol: FACE
Triactive +: Facial Module A.2.
LUXEA: Your X-Factor Modular Platform for Limitless Possibilities
Triactive +: Facial Module A.1.
Body Treatment with Laser Handpiece
Body Treatment with Ultrasound Handpiece
ONDA Overview - Body Contouring Revolution with Coolwaves
Triactive Protocol: ARMS
ONDA Tutorial - Cellulite Treatment
Triactive+ : Abdomen Module A.6.
Triactive +: The All in One Solution for Body Shaping
Prof. Alfio Scalisi presents Triactive +
Triactive Protocol: BODY - ANDROID
Triactive Protocol: BODY - GYNOID
Triactive+ : Lower Limbs Module A.1
Triactive +: Arms Module A.4.

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