Skin Surgery

Fatty Cyst.
Dr Christian Bonnet (France) removes an infected fatty cysts using CO2 DEKA laser.

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CO2 Laser Blepharoplasty.
SmartXide2 DOT/RF: Interview with Dr. Hussein Ghanem
Laser Blepharoplasty
Blepharoplasty with CO2 SmartXide Laser
SmartXide2 DOT/RF
Fatty Cyst.
Synchro VasQ: Vascular Lesions and Wart - Face
Skin Excrescence.
Plantar Keratosis.
Fibroma Pendulans.
LUXEA - X Factor in Dermatology
Synchro VasQ: Wart
Dermal Nevus Removal. Part II.
Upper Eyelid CO2 Laser Blepharoplasty and Lower Eyelid Fractional CO2 Resurfacing. 
Webinar TIPS&TRICKS on CO2 Lasers with Prof. Paolo Bonan
CO2 Laser Surgery
Laser Blepharoplasty. 
Dermal Nevus Removal. Part I.
Blepharoplasty with CO2 SmartXide Laser
Laser-tissue interaction: an account of recent application in this field
Gesundheit Sprechstunde. SmartXide DOT DEKA Laser.
Laser Blepharoplasty
Upper Eyelid Laser Blepharoplasty and Lower Eyelid Laser Fractional Blepharo-Tightening.
Sebaceous Adenoma
Upper Eyelid CO2 Laser Blepharoplasty.

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