Body Shaping & Cellulite

Neck Treatment with TriActive
The TriActive face handpiece is used to reduce loose neck skin

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Channel 10 News. Smartlipo Laser Treatment
Triactive Protocol: FACE
Triactive Protocol: BODY - GYNOID
Smartlipo Live Procedures. Subtitle in Japanese.
Onda Tutorial - Double Chin
Liposculpture Using Smartlipo. Chin
Smartlipo Puffy Eyes Treatment. Live Procedure.
Triactive Protocol: ARMS
Smartlipo malar area. Case 2.
Laser-assisted Liposuction with Smartlipo.
Al Rojo Vivo. Laserlipolysis with Smartlipo
Onda by DEKA - Revolution continues
ONDA Overview - Body Contouring Revolution with Coolwaves
ONDA Tutorial - Inner Thigh Woman
Labial herpes with Smartlipo.
Onda Coolwaves - Dr. Klaus Hoffman, MD evidence
ONDA Tutorial - Arm Woman
Male patient Treated with Smartlipo. Breast & Abdomen. 3/4
Liposculpture Using Smartlipo. Discussion with Patiens
Onda Plus by DEKA - Relentless Evolution in Body Contouring
Cash TV. Smartlipo DEKA Laser.
Smartlipo Live Procedure. Male Abdomen 
Male patient Treated with Smartlipo. Breast & Abdomen. 4/4
Vida e saude. New Technique for Cellulite Treatment
Hot Topics. Smartlipo Laser Treatment
abc7 news. Smartlipo and Laserlipolysis
Smartlipo malar area. Case 1
GMA News abc. Smartlipo. Loose fat with Laser
Minimal Invasive Liposculpture with Smartlipo Laser
LUXEA - X Factor in Dermatology
Laserlipolysis with Smartlipo
Introduction about Laserlipolysis Laser-Assisted Liposuction on the Rise.
Smartlipo with Tumescent Anesthesia
Smartlipo Procedure. Chin
ONDA Tutorial - Tightening Treatment
Laserlipolysis with Smartlipo
Ultrasound Treatment with TriActive+
This Morning. Smartlipo and Laserlipolysis
Onda Tutorial - Side
Programa Tarde Livre - TV Diário. Karla Bessa interview about Triactive+.
Liposuction without Pain!
Male patient Treated with Smartlipo. Breast & Abdomen. 1/4
Smartlipo & cellulite. Inner thighs.
Laser-Assisted Liposuction with Smartlipo. Thighs.
KSAT 12. Smartlipo laser treatment
Onda Clinical Cases Slide Show
WPIX. Madonna Lift & Laserlipolysis
ONDA: an absolute revolution in body contouring
ONDA Tutorial - Posterior Thigh Woman
Liposculpture Using Smartlipo. Discussion with a Patient
Laserlipolysis with DEKA Smartlipo
Smartlipo Facial Treatment. Live Procedure.
Neck Laserlipolysis.
Triactive Protocol: BODY - ANDROID
Action news 6 abc. Smartlipo Laser Treatment
This morning. Lucy Pargeter interview about Smartlipo
Neck Treatment with TriActive
ONDA Tutorial - Localized Fat
ITV Central News. Smartlipo and Laserlipolysis
Triactive Protocol: BODY - ANDROID
Treatment with Triactive +.
Panorama. Laserlipolysis with DEKA Laser.
What is Laser Lipolysis – What is Smartlipo?
LUXEA: Your X-Factor Modular Platform for Limitless Possibilities
Fox 35. SmartLipo on your Lunchbreak
SCHWARZY– free Muscle Toning with TOP FMS Technology
Striae & DOT Therapy_8
Triactive + for non-surgical body contouring.
TriActive Procedure
Fox 6. Smart Laser Liposuction
SmartXide2 DOT/RF
Liposculpture Using Smartlipo. Arms
Triactive System.
ONDA Tutorial - Gluteus Woman
Great Day SA - SmartXide DOT & SmartLipo
ONDA Tutorial - Trochanter Woman
Fox 5 news. Smartlipo and Laserlipolysis
TV3-Ireland AM Interviews Dr Patrick Treacy about the Benefits of Smartlipo
ONDA Tutorial - Cellulite Treatment
SmartLipo Patient Reviews
Small hemangioma treated with Smartlipo
Access Hollywood. Smartlipo Feature
Prof. Alfio Scalisi presents Triactive +
Destinazione Benessere. Laserlipolysis
E News. Smartlipo Laser Procedure
Smartlipo Neck Lift
Triactive Protocol: ARMS
Combination of 3 Procedures Against Cellulite
Dr Alberto Goldman Introduces Smartlipo Laser System
ONDA Tutorial - Abdomen Woman
Smartlipo Treatment Promotion
SBT. Interview about Laserlipolysis with Smartlipo
Smartlipo Neck Lift
Onda Tutorial - Back
Smartlipo & cellulite. Thighs.
Vida e saude. Dr Alberto Goldman Introduces Smartlipo
DEKA TIPS&TRICKS WEBINAR – How to Maximize Coolwaves Triple Action on Fat Cells, Cellulite and Skin Laxity.
Axillary Hyperidrosis with Smartlipo. Live Procedure. 1/2
Smartlipo Procedure
Triactive Protocol: FACE
Laserlipolysis – Body Modelling in the New Millenium
Body Treatment with TriActive
Smartlipo Live Procedure. Female Patient
Triactive Protocol: BODY - GYNOID
Axillary Hyperidrosis with Smartlipo. Live Procedure. 2/2
Laserlipolysis with Smartlipo
ONDA Tutorial - Knee Woman
MD TeleMadrid. Interview about Smartlipo
Primer Impacto. Laserlipolysis Live Procedure
Male patient Treated with Smartlipo. Breast & Abdomen. 2/4

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