Hemorrhagic Vocal Cord Polyps. Part I.
Diagnosing and treating vocal cord polyps. An example case of a patient with a hemorrhagic vocal cord polyp is covered from diagnosis to treatment. Courtesy of James P. Thomas, MD. Portland, OR - USA. To watch the following video click here: Hemorrhagic Vocal Cord Polyps. Part II.

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Angiomatous Polyp
Leukoplakia in previous surgery with anteriorsynechia
Hemorrhagic Vocal Cord Polyps. Part I.
Posterior Glottic Fixation.
Otosclerosis (patient 2)
Laryngeal Papilloma.
Left vocal fold paralysis
Hemorrhagic Vocal Cord Polyps. Part II
Interview S. Dallari, MD
Lingual Cancer
Hypertrophic inferior turbinate
Subglottic Granulomas.
Otosclerosis (patient 1)
Glottic laryngeal leukoplakia
Subglottic Laryngeal Stenosis
Internal laryngopyocele
Interview Paul F. Castellanos, MD
Massive and obstructive polypoid degeneration
Intracordal Cyst.

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