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Aesthetic Gynaecology Procedures
Dr. Juan José Escribano presents the Gynaeco-Aesthetic Unit of Instituto Médico Láser de Madrid , Spain. A wide range of treatments for Gynecology: from the new non-invasive MonaLisa TouchTM procedure to surgical V2LR. (Video in Spanish)

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Dia D. Vaginal Rejuvenation.
MonaLisa Touch: Become Yourself Again
Good Day KY - abc36. MonaLisa Touch
Mona Lisa Touch: What is it and how can it help you?
TgNorba24. Convention about a New Laser Technique in Gynaecology
9 News Perth. MonaLisa Touch®. Not Only for Women in Menopause!
Dr Paige Partridge speaks about MonaLisa touch.
Salud Panama. Vaginal Rejuvenation with MonaLisa Touch.
MonaLisa Touch: The New Laser Technique for Vaginal Atrophy
Dr. Pramudji Describes MonaLisa Touch.
MonaLisa Touch: the innovative laser technique for gynecology (long version)
MonaLisa Touch at the La Care Clinic.
Laser Treatment Against Vaginal Atrophy, Laxity & Urinary Incontinence
2015 MonaLisa Touch Scientific Presentation.
TG1-RAI1.MonaLisa Touch® on TV.
FOX News. Reviving your sex life with MonaLisa Touch!
T52. Dr. Mickey Karram talking about Mona Lisa Touch.
MonaLisa Touch on Russian TV
Monalisa Touch Introduction
MonaLisa Touch: A Game Changing Treatment
MonaLisa Touch: the innovative laser technique for gynecology (short version)
Dr Benita Stephens speaks about MonaLisa Touch
Central Valley Talk. The new procedure MonaLisa Touch!
MonaLisa Touch launch in Beijing - Embassy of Italy
MonaLisa Touch®. The new treatment against vaginal atrophy
MonaLisa Touch in Paris!
Dr Will Barros presents the MonaLisa Touch® Treatment.
Vaginal Rejuvenation with MonaLisa Touch.
Aesthetic Gynaecology Procedures
SmartXide2 V2LR for a Complete Range of Aestetic-Gynaecological Treatments.
MonaLisa Touch Clinical Procedure.
MonaLisa Touch with Dr Anh
France2. MonaLisa Touch on France TV
What is MonaLisa Touch?
MonaLisa Touch on Thai TV
panamericana televisiòn. MonaLisa Touch® for Vaginal Rejuvenation.
MonaLisa Touch®. For  Women of the New Era.
Channel 7. MonaLisa Touch - Dr Loaiciga Interview.
Patient experience after one MonaLisa Touch® session.
The Vulvo-Vaginal Laser Rejuvenation
Medicina News. Seminar about new technologies in gynaecology. 
WCBD NEWS 2. Treating Dryness.
Antropos. Monalisa Touch®: The Innovative Treatment Against Vaginal Atrophy
The Doctors. MonaLisa Touch.
HUB. The blogger Trish Hammond interviews Matt Moncrieff about MonaLisa Touch.
Dr Agnieszka Kurczyk-Powolny Speaks about MonaLisa Touch Ginecological Procedure.
MonaLisa Touch® - First clinical results to Italian Press.
MonaLisa Touch by DEKA: Testimonials from Patients
Fox32. Dr. Kenneth Finkelstein - Get Your Groove Back with Vaginal Restoration
TgPRIMA.Interview with Dr Parisi about MonaLisa Touch®
MonaLisa Touch Laser Procedure
MonaLisa Touch Clinical Procedure.
MonaLisa Touch® Laser Procedure
MomsEveryday. Interview with Dr LaToya Walton-Torrence
Workshop about MonaLisa Touch®.
Good Morning Texas. Revolutionary Treatmente for Troubles in Menopause
Todaytonight. Managing Menopause.
MonaLisa Touch® - A Scientific Analysis of a New Laser Technique
MonaLisa Touch Surgical Tutorial.
MonaLisa Touch Treatment Presented by Dr Shelena Laji
LEX18 News. MonaLisa Touch.
MonaLisa Touch Frequently Asked Questions-FAQ
Interview with Dr Vipal Arora and his patient about MonaLisa Touch
MonaLisa Touch: A Game Changing Treatment
WLBT 3 On Your Side. Interview with Dr Robert Harris about MonaLisa Touch.
MonaLisa Touch and urinary incontinence.
MonaLisa Touch® Launch in Brazil
Vulvo-vaginal laser recovery after childbirth and menopause

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