Laser Skin Resurfacing. DOT Therapy
SmartXide DOT laser is a revolutionary new tool ideal for the treatment of wrinkles, skin laxity and texture, acne scarring and scar reduction, dyschromia, dermal lesions, photoaging, and much more! The SmartXide DOT treatments represent the very latest in tissue rejuvenation laser technology. This great breakthrough by DEKA Lasers utilizes a CO2 fractional system with a super-fast scanner that allows the doctor to do a DOT Resurfacing . By removing a customized pattern of dots and not the entire skin surface, unlike other CO2 lasers, this technology combines the best of both worlds - the great and proven results of a traditional ablative laser, but without the pain and the traditional downtime

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Vida e saude. New Technique for Cellulite Treatment
abc7 news. Smartlipo and Laserlipolysis
DEKA Smartlipo
Liposculpture Using Smartlipo. Discussion with a Patient
What is Laser Lipolysis – What is Smartlipo?
Smartlipo malar area. Case 1
Triactive+ : Lower Limbs Module A.11.
Smartlipo Treatment Promotion
Action news 6 abc. Smartlipo Laser Treatment
This morning. Lucy Pargeter interview about Smartlipo
Male patient Treated with Smartlipo. Breast & Abdomen. 3/4
Smartlipo with Tumescent Anesthesia
Liposculpture Using Smartlipo. Arms
Laser-assisted Liposuction with Smartlipo.
Smartlipo Live Procedures. Subtitle in Japanese.
Fox 5 news. Smartlipo and Laserlipolysis
Channel 10 News. Smartlipo Laser Treatment
Axillary Hyperidrosis. Live Procedure. Dr A Goldman. 
E News. Smartlipo Laser Procedure
GMA News abc. Smartlipo. Loose fat with Laser
Beauty Tech Review: Body Contouring
Destinazione Benessere. Laserlipolysis
Minimal Invasive Liposculpture with Smartlipo Laser
Axillary Hyperidrosis with Smartlipo. Live Procedure. 1/2
Smartlipo Facial Treatment. Live Procedure.
Liposculpture Using Smartlipo. Chin
Male patient Treated with Smartlipo. Breast & Abdomen. 4/4
Access Hollywood. Smartlipo Feature
Smartlipo Live Procedure. Male Abdomen 
Introduction about Laserlipolysis
MD TeleMadrid. Interview about Smartlipo
This Morning. Smartlipo and Laserlipolysis Laser-Assisted Liposuction on the Rise.
Dr Alberto Goldman Introduces Smartlipo Laser System
Laserlipolysis with Smartlipo
Laserlipolysis with Smartlipo
Smartlipo malar area. Case 2.
Smartlipo Procedure
Entre Noticias. Dr Lino Linares Interview.
Primer Impacto. Laserlipolysis Live Procedure
Cash TV. Smartlipo DEKA Laser.
Smartlipo Puffy Eyes Treatment. Live Procedure.
Smartlipo & cellulite. Thighs.
Hot Topics. Smartlipo Laser Treatment
KENS 5. Male Breast Reduction
Liposculpture Using Smartlipo. Discussion with Patiens
Smartlipo Neck Lift
Interview to Dr Victoria G Belo about Smartlipo and Laserlipolysis
Laserlipolysis with Smartlipo
Liposuction without Pain!
Panorama. Laserlipolysis with DEKA Laser.
Smartlipo & cellulite. Inner thighs.
Laserlipolysis – Body Modelling in the New Millenium
KSAT 12. Smartlipo laser treatment
Laserlipolysis with DEKA Smartlipo
ITV Central News. Smartlipo and Laserlipolysis
Smartlipo Live Procedure. Female Patient
Male patient Treated with Smartlipo. Breast & Abdomen. 2/4
Male patient Treated with Smartlipo. Breast & Abdomen. 1/4
Fox 6. Smart Laser Liposuction
Smartlipo Procedure. Chin
SBT. Interview about Laserlipolysis with Smartlipo
Fox 35. SmartLipo on your Lunchbreak
Neck Laserlipolysis.
SmartLipo Patient Reviews
Vida e saude. Dr Alberto Goldman Introduces Smartlipo
Axillary Hyperidrosis with Smartlipo. Live Procedure. 2/2
Laser-Assisted Liposuction with Smartlipo. Thighs.
TV3-Ireland AM Interviews Dr Patrick Treacy about the Benefits of Smartlipo
Al Rojo Vivo. Laserlipolysis with Smartlipo
Smartlipo Neck Lift
WPIX. Madonna Lift & Laserlipolysis

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