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marzo 7, 2019

New single use probe for MLT procedures just got clearance!

SmartXide Touch and SmartXide2 have received European regulatory clearance to be equipped with single use vaginal 360º sterile probes for MLT procedures (MonaLisa Full).
The single use vaginal probe is currently a very popular applicator among users of laser systems for the treatment of vaginal atrophy (MonaLisa Touch). The long time frames and high costs associated with sterilisation are often an obstacle, obliging the doctor to halt the machine and suspend the activity for a few days.
It is precisely to support our doctors that our R&D laboratories finally completed the creation of a single-use 360 handpiece that represents a perfect compromise, both delicate and complex, between costs, quality and biocompatibility of materials, and efficacy.
"The single-use MonaLisa Full handpiece represents an important advantage that aids the work of our medical clients", says Paolo Salvadeo, DEKA CEO. "Continuous collaboration with the doctors who use our systems is one of our strengths, and is what makes DEKA one of the most advanced companies on the market today."

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