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junio 10, 2020

DEKA TIPS&TRICKS WEBINAR – How to Maximize Coolwaves Triple Action on Fat Cells, Cellulite and Skin Laxity

Onda with Coolwaves® represents nowadays the last frontier in the body sculpture field. Coolwaves® are special microwaves that dissolve fat, tighten and contour the skin, firming up tissues, in a non invasive way and without side effects.
In this interactive webinar Prof. Paolo Bonan, Dermatologist - EADV Laser Task Force - ESLD Key Officer and Dr. Michela Troiano, Dermatologist at Villa Donatello Clinic – Florence, Italy - will show how the coolwaves act on skin and how to make the treatment more and more effective. Tips & tricks, video and direct Q&A will give you important advices to maximize the Coolwaves triple action on your patients.

Don’t miss this chance to enhance your experience with Onda, watch it here.

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