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Excilite µ

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Fast, Practical and Effective: a Complete System for Targeted and Selective Phototherapy
Psoriasis & Vitiligo
UV - 308nm


  Where DEKA makes the difference
Progressive Action to Combat Vitiligo and Psoriasis: no Drugs, Painless, Rapid.

Vitiligo and psoriasis cause millions of people physical and psychological discomfort. Costly treatments which have to be repeated over time and serious side effects have dashed the hopes of many patients. Now the innovative Monochromatic Excimer Light (MEL@308 nm) of Excilite-μ offers a revolutionary way of treating vitiligo and psoriasis. The introduction of the MEL@308 nm source for Targeted Phototherapy marks a decisive breakthrough on traditional treatments with NB UVB sources. This new technology, developed and launched on the market by DEKA, helps reduce undesirable side effects, especially in the long term.
Atopic Dermatitis
Alopecia Areata
Mycosis Fungoides
2001 DEKA invented the first MEL@308 nm system in the world for treating psoriasis
over 5000 The number of treatments performed using a single source in line with the protocols recommended by DEKA
30 cm² Excilite-µ acts with high intensity on large treatment areas
Over 40 The number of treatments performed using a single source in line with the protocols recommended by DEKA

Excilite-µ has proved to be extremely practical and versatile, and is now an indispensable device for outpatient dermatological treatment. This simple, innovative technology encourages daily use and all its functions can be easily and rapidly mastered. The monochromatic excimer source of Excilite-µ has unique features that guarantee real improvement and concrete results for my patients. I can now operate in a targeted and selective manner on various skin pathologies on small areas and larger surfaces with much shorter treatment times. From a practical point of view too, Excilite-µ is the ideal work instrument, compact and easy to move and carry. Maintenance is reduced to a minimum which makes a major contribution to an  excellent cost-benefit ratio, an extremely important factor for physicians like me who are constantly treating psoriasis and vitiligo.“

Giovanni Leone, MD
Head of the Phototherapy Department
Dermatological Institute San Gallicano IRCCS – Rome, Italy