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SmartXide² ENT

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SmartXide² ENT, the Most Advanced Microsurgery
CO₂ - 10600nm
Diode CW/PW - 980nm
Radio Frequency


  Where DEKA makes the difference
The SmartXide² Revolution: Absolute Precision and Control for the Most Advanced Microsurgery

The use of CO2 has considerably improved the performance of ENT microsurgery. Today CO2 laser is universally recognised as the gold standard for mininvasive ear, nose and throat applications.

DEKA, a world leader in the development of high tech laser systems, concentrated over thirty years of expertise into the technological excellence of SmartXide2.

The synergistic interaction of SmartXide2:

- CO2 RF laser source with PSD® (Pulse Shape Design) technology,
- high precision robotic scanning system (HiScan Surgical),
- micromanipulator with exclusive Hybrid technology.

provides unparalleled performance of ENT applications.

In line with its ongoing commitment to innovation, DEKA paved the way for a new, multidisciplinary, avant-garde laser system: the SmartXide2 now featuring a diode laser module with power up to 50W. This modularity makes it the only worldwide CO2 laser platform. 
ENT Microsurgery
General Surgery
PSD® Technology The first RF CO2 laser system with the exclusive Pulse Shape Design technology that enables the maximum flexibility of the pulse shape; from real continuous to U-Pulse.
2 Different wavelengths, CO2 and diode (with a choice of 940 nm or 980 nm) in a single platform.
Database Integrated protocols designed for ENT surgery.
Multimedia features Integrated photo and video tutorial.
2 Selectable ablation modes: Depth and Power.
6 Scanning figures: lines, curves of a circle (and full circles), spirals, hexagons (with progressive and interlaced scanning), clover.
4 Scanning functions controlled by a joystick: rotation, sizing, Scan On/Off, beam centring.
Hybrid Technology Holographic lens and mirrors for perfect focusing of the laser beams, producing micro spots and the largest scanning figures on the market (max. diameter 6.3 mm).

Thanks to the precision and repetitiveness that only robotic technology can offer, the new HiScan Surgical scanning system has greatly simplified the performing of delicate and complex surgery such as laser Stapedotomy.

Stefano Dallari, MD
Director of the ENT Operating Unit
Hospital of Fermo, Italy

"The DEKA CO2 laser, with progressive scanning technology makes operations simpler and safer on delicate tissues like the vocal cords. It’s a wonderful instrument for selective reconstruction procedures of  the respiratory tract, with a series of significant benefits ranging from control of the ablation depth, to reduced thermal damage plus the fact of no longer having to depend on the movements of the surgeon’s hand which are not always accurate”.

Guillermo Campos, MD
Director of the Institute of Laryngology
Consultant – Department of Surgery
Fundación Santa Fé University Hospital
Bogotá D.C., Colombia